Embrace Beginnings (Notebook)

Jen Collins

This 5 x 7 in notebook is beautifully created by Jen Collins, a Scottish illustrator currently living in Toronto. Each notebook has 36 blank pages ready to be filled with new ideas, lists, and sketches.

Beginnings take place around us everyday. This notebook acts as a gentle reminder to face, accept, and manage these fresh starts and enjoy the process instead of rushing for the finish.

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The Message

This design is inspired by Jen’s move from Scotland to Canada, and the new beginnings which resulted.

Whether it’s starting a new project or exploring fresh territory, beginnings happen all the time, and though the first steps of a new venture can be intimidating you should take the time to enjoy this fundamental stage and be excited to set up the proper groundwork for success. By accepting and managing these fresh starts, you’re able to enjoy the process instead of rushing for the finish.

The Artist

Jen Collins is an illustrator from Scotland currently living and working in Toronto. Jen aims to create work with a handmade aesthetic and frequently uses nature as an inspiration for her illustration. Having worked on a variety of jobs in Scotland, Jen is currently focusing on freelance projects and combining her illustration with ceramics. 

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