Come Together

Madison van Rijn x Houndr

The quote “Now it’s time to come together” serves as a gentle nudge to reach out to your neighbours and cultivate a real-life community.

This print was produced in collaboration with our friends at Houndr and captures their ethos. Madison has beautifully brought it to life showing the energy of a frantic metropolis punctuated by moments of warmth and togetherness.

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Watch This Print Come to Life 

The Message

We live in a world where sharing a silent elevator ride with your neighbour or sitting at a cafe engrossed in your phone is expected, but deep down aren’t we all yearning for connection? Now more than ever, we need to come together to support each other, be it through the simple gesture of reaching out to the couple across the hall from you when you need a hand or small acts of kindness towards a passing stranger.

The Artist

Madison van Rijn is a Toronto-based illustrator and muralist who’s work can be found on just about everything, from windows at your local juice bar to custom designer bags. Madison is an expert of working with a variety of businesses and brands to embody their spirit through different styles, shapes, and colours while incorporating a touch of emotion and vulnerability that helps connect her to a wide audience.

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Houndr is a company that believes you don’t have to do it all yourself, especially when it comes to your dog. Little did we know but we have a support system all around us and they happen to live just down the hall or across the street. Houndr helps connect neighbours with neighbours, and through the simple gesture of helping out with your neighbour’s dog you’re contributing to a stronger community bond and building new relationships with those who were once strangers.

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