Chase Fear

Lucas Young

This 11 x 14 in inspirational print is beautifully created by Lucas Young, a graphic designer and illustrator from Toronto, Canada. Each print is silkscreened by hand with metallic silver paint on thick white cover stock.

By chasing fear instead of running away from it, you unlock potential that you never thought possible, and allow for new ideas that are exciting and ground breaking, instead of remaining behind a wall of doubt and uncertainty.

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The Message

Fear can be the number one obstacle that keeps us from starting a new project or business. The artificial barriers we put up to keep ourselves from moving forward and will only prevent us from fulfilling our dreams and goals. If you chase that fear instead of running from it, you open yourself up to new ideas, techniques, and opportunities.

The Artist

Lucas Young is a graphic designer and illustrator from Toronto, Canada. Lucas’ background in graffiti sparked his interest in typography and design. He uses both pencil and homemade cola pens to create his distinct lettering style before finishing the piece in Illustrator. He embraces the challenge of dressing up a word and giving it it’s own story and personality.



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