Jobs - Junior Freelance Content Producer

$20 / Hour   —   1 Days / Week   —   Ongoing Remote Freelance Role


We're a unique creative content studio located in Parkdale, Toronto. We support businesses and independent creators at all stages by creating engaging content that helps them stand out and thrive. We also have our own product line and media channels. In short, we work on a variety of creative projects with partners who value purpose over profit.

We have an ambitious year ahead of us and are looking to connect with a Junior Freelance Content Producer to support our own content as well as that of our clients. We do not require a ton of experience but are looking for someone who is keen to learn, an excellent writer, organized, excited about art and creative work. You will be responsible for writing social media posts, newsletters, blog copy, and finding relevant content to share. We do not require any specific school background. However, interest & experience writing about art and creativity is a bonus!

We require about 1 day of work per week, though we typically work on monthly timelines so this work could potentially be batched.


Actual Work Will Include


Writing Social Copy - Crafting copy for Instagram, Facebook, Email Newsletters

Preparing Visual Posts - Using visual templates to create IG story posts.

Social Engagement - Connecting and engaging with our community and relevant accounts.

Drafting & Scheduling - Prepare drafts and schedule content via our management apps.

Data Pulls - Pulling performance data so we can review our efforts.

Required Skills


Excellent Writing

The majority of your work will involve clear creative writing. You should be able to write engaging, human copy. Easily tie in CTAs. Carefully edit your writing. And come up with relevant & timely copy.

Comfortable with Web Apps

We use an evolving set of web apps to manage, draft, and schedule content. We provide training on the apps we use but you should be comfortable jumping in and figuring out new web apps. Some of our key apps include: Google Drive, Mailchimp, Planoly, and Airtable

Good Time Management

We have an ongoing stream of work. Managing your time, estimating how long projects will take to complete, working efficiently, and communicating with us about the workload will help everything run smoothly and keep our clients happy.

Eager to Learn

We are constantly updating our approach, experimenting, and integrating client feedback. You should be eager to learn and evolve.


How to apply

If you’re interested in working with us please apply with the following to the email below.


A Bit About Yourself
- what you’re interested in, past experience, what you’re looking to accomplish through your work.

Why Worker Bee? - Why do you want to work with us specifically?

Past Projects - have you been involved in or done any side projects in the past? If so, please tell us a bit about them.

Extra Skills - we do all sorts of work and are always looking for people with a mix of skills. What makes you unique? What hidden superpowers do you possess

Content Writing Experience - do you have writing experience? Have you done writing for social content before? Do you have experience with MailChimp? Let us know what you can do and show us an example when possible.


If you'd like to attach a resume or anything else feel free to. However, we don't really put much stock in resumes so it's not necessary.


We will be contacting all applicants the week of May 20th, please don't follow up before the end of that week.


    Apply via email to