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$20 / Hour     —     1 Day / Week    —    3 Month Contract

Are you a cheerleader for the creative community? Love independent designers, products, and shops? Seek out unique new stores and engage store owners in conversation? We’re a small company with a mission to promote, inspire, and enable purpose driven work.

We have an ambitious year ahead of us and are looking to bring on a Sales & Marketing Assistant to help us grow in 2017.

This is a work from home role, ideally we would want someone from Toronto that we could meet with occasionally but it’s not a deal breaker. The work load will be based on 1 day / week, but can be done on your own time.

Actual Work Will Include


  • Reviewing potential wholesale shops and their info.
  • Shortlisting shops that are a great fit for our products.
  • Managing wholesale outreach automation.
  • Managing Instagram planning and scheduling.

Required Skills


Good Communications 

This is a remote role so good communication with us and potential customers will be key. An engaging conversational tone over email is preferred.


Comfortable with Cloud Services

We work almost entirely in the cloud with Google Apps and other services. We rely on automation to scale our output. Being comfortable using and learning new digital tools is key.

 Attention to Detail

There will be a decent amount of data and file management / navigation, it is important that care is taken keep our systems organized and running smoothly.


Good Time Management

It will be up to you to manage your own time and ensure project milestones are met. You will be responsible for weekly deliverables.

Good Taste

There will be a certain amount of creative decision making required, from researching shops to planning images for social.
Having good taste and a keen eye for visual communications is key.



How to Apply


If you’re interested in working with us please apply with the following to the email below.

A bit about yourself - what you’re interested in, past experience, what you’re looking to accomplish through your work.

    A sample shop - please tell us one shop outside of Toronto that you think our prints would be a good fit for as well as why you choose that shop.

    Past Projects - have you been involved in or done any side projects in the past? If so, please tell us a bit about them.

    Extra Skills - we do all sorts of work and are always looking for people with a mix of skills. If you have experience in sales, wholesale specifically, corporate business development, photo editing, video editing, etc., please let us know!

      If you want to attach a resume or anything else please do.
      We will be contacting you either way during the week of Jan 16th. Please do not follow up before that. 

      Apply via email to