Widen Your Eyes

Marta Ryczko

This 11 x 14 in inspirational print is beautifully created by Marta Ryczko, a graphic designer (and lady that has a lot of side projects) from Toronto, Canada. Each print is silkscreened by hand with rich paint on thick white cover stock. This print features metallic gold paint.

Look around you and explore new avenues in order to absorb ideas and receive a fresh perspective.

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Watch This Print Come to Life 

The Message

The Widen Your Eyes print is based on Marta’s own personal mantra and creation process. It encourages you to open yourself up to new inspirations and experiences, instead of staying insular in your practice. In turn creating new ideas, possibilities, and conversations.

The Artist

Marta Ryczko is a graphic designer from Toronto, Canada. Marta’s unique design teeters between bold street-style lettering to elegant calligraphy and more. As a self proclaimed “lady with a lot of side projects”, check out her Everyday Letter Instagram account that showcases a new letter or glyph design everyday.



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