Never Be Limited

Jackie Lee

This 11 x 14 in inspirational print is beautifully created by Jackie Lee, an illustrator from Toronto, Canada. Each print is silkscreened by hand with rich paint on thick white cover stock and features vibrant yellow and blue ink.

Jackie has embraced her love of Space for this print, reflecting the quote's author (astronaut Dr. Mae Jemison) and what can be achieved when we don’t limit our ideas. Everyday somebody in the world is succeeding at what others have told them was impossible.

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The Message

"Never be limited by other people’s limited imaginations", is a quote by Dr. Mae Jemison, an American engineer, physician, and NASA astronaut.

Never let other people’s opinions damper the goals you have set for yourself. More often than not, their negativity is a reflection of the limits they have set on their own lives, perhaps they are jealous of your achievements or believe they’re protecting you from disappointment. Live your life above the creative limits of others as no one knows exactly how much you’re capable of, not even yourself.

The Artist

Jackie Lee is a Toronto-based illustrator who uses her love for space and comic books to inspire her work.

Jackie’s illustrations are a reflection of the infinity of space, and therefore, capable of being whatever we want it to be. Jackie brings to life planetary worlds that don’t seem so different than our own and inspires in us dreams and aspirations beyond our wildest imaginations.

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