Keep Good Company (Dogs)

Jeannie Phan

This 11 x 14 in inspirational print is beautifully created by Jeannie Phan, an illustrator from Toronto, Canada. Each print is silkscreened by hand with rich paint on thick natural (light beige) cover stock and features metallic copper ink.

Using simple shapes and negative space, Jeannie has created a print that emphasizes both happy dwellings and positive relationships. Surrounding yourself with things that energize you will have an impact on your focus and ultimately your work.

We have a CAT VERSION too! Learn the full story, watch the video below!


Watch This Print Come to Life 

The Message

Keep Good Company is inspired by Jeannie’s studio dwelling. An impeccable home garden, her pet Odin, and art pieces by friends help keep her focused and less isolated.

Surrounding yourself with both objects and people not only keeps you from becoming lonely, but also has a positive impact on your life and work. Creating an environment that keeps you energized, puts you at peace, and helps you stay focused, will not only benefit you but improve your relationships with work and those around you.

The Artist

Jeannie Phan is an illustrator from Toronto, Canada. With a handful of editorial clients under her belt, Jeannie creates whimsical illustrations highlighting ideas, moods, and stories. Jeannie works with subject matter which allows her to connect with people with similar interests, and her colourful worlds and characters are accented with textures and full of life. Jeannie keeps good company with her array of houseplants and her cat/life coach, Odin.

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