Do Not Fear Storms

Gracia Lam

This 11 x 14 in inspirational print is beautifully created by Gracia Lam, an illustrator from Toronto, Canada. Each print is silkscreened by hand with rich paint on thick white cover stock and features bright yellow ink.

Gracia has brought this print to life by layering unexpected shapes and forms to create a dream-like vision of a boat navigating a rough sea, while a mighty swallow protectively watches overhead. A storm or a challenge is an opportunity to push yourself further, to sharpen your skills and learn something new. Learning how to respond to life’s events can make the difference between a life of turmoil and a life filled with inspiration.

Learn the full story, watch the video below.


Watch This Print Come to Life 

The Message

"I'm not afraid of storms, for I'm learning how to sail my ship" is a quote by Louise May Alcott, from her 1869 novel Little Women.

When trouble comes your way, do you duck for cover or sail fearlessly through the waves? Allow yourself to grow, explore, and not fear the challenges that will provide a deeper understanding of the world around you, and which will help drive self-transformation and serendipity.

The Artist

Gracia Lam is an illustrator born in Hong Kong and raised in Toronto, Canada. She likes to reinvent everyday objects and mundane environments to create worlds beyond our imagination. Her seemless combination of people, animals, and nature make you look twice and investigate the illustration further, as shapes and objects meld together, representing the greater idea and message behind the scene.

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